What College Essay Topics Should You Avoid?

Your college essay is really important in the application process. In order to encourage a creative expression, most of the colleges will permit that the students select essay topic. When this happens, the student basically has complete control but that is not actually the case. There are numerous cases in which a really poor essay appears because the topic chosen was bad. Here are the most important college essay topics to avoid.

Travelling And Vacations

Abroad Always avoid topics that are linked to family or friends when you write a college essay. This does include how much time you spent abroad, even when if you were a volunteer. There are so many similar essays that the reader will receive and you will most likely not stand out when choosing the same topic.

Political Woe Solutions

This is one of the college essay topics to avoid since many submit an essay in which they try to highlight a simple solution to a problem that is really serious. The problem is that worldwide problems will never be easy to solve. In addition, by simply talking about those that suffer and pledging to want to help them will not be seen as a way in which your character can be revealed. It would be a lot better to write about personal involvement in assisting people in need that offer idealistic solutions to worldwide problems.

Personal Tragedy

Some people choose college essay topics in order to generate sympathy from readers in the admission department. It is quite common to notice essays about disease, divorce and death. It is obvious that a personal tragedy will shape you and will have a strong effect on your life but including that experience in your essay will not aid you. The reason for that is that there will be many essays that are similar to yours. However, if you think that this is the best topic that you can write about, at least try to be focused on how it had an impact and do not stay focused too much on the event that happened.

Illegal Activities

In some cases ending up faced with illegal activity can make a lot better or it might transform you into a diligent student. The problem is that you do not want to highlight something like this in the essay. When talking about an illegal activity you basically stand out as a red flag.

Controversial Social Topics

Most people tend to see controversial social topics differently. This includes everything from abortion to sexuality. Never tackle social topics as these are definite college essay topics to avoid. It is impossible to know how the admission board sees the topic that you choose. That is why a sensitive subject should be avoided at all times. Neutral topics are always better!


Never talk about a person and offer a long description of another person. The main focus in the essay should be you. Also, do not write anything about missing free throws in a final, your grandma’s death or about a game winning goal. These are all college essay topics that have to be avoided.

Remember that admission commissions receive thousands of essays every year. Yours needs to be unique so always avoid college essay topics that seem to be common for a lot of people. You need to write about you, how you look at the world and also highlight why you are different.