Helpful Tips to Write a College Essay

Here are some ways to improve your college essay writing.

First, you need to follow standard academic essay format, which is four to five paragraphs that integrate the opening and conclusion. The difference between personal essay writing and academic writing is that personal essay writing simply expresses the writer’s thoughts and sentiments regarding a certain subject. This kind of writing shows the writer’s beliefs and personality to readers without supporting it with impartial evidence. Academic writing, on the other hand, is about presenting facts and substantiating them with reliable evidence.

Next, personal essays should be completely linked to the writer. In other words, the chosen theme should compel the author to write about their life, education, extracurricular activities, achievements, and ambitions. Similarly, topics that guide the writer to exchange ideas about an occurrence and connect it to their beliefs or life are recommended as well. These include debating on local, national, or international issues or describing an individual they admire.

Finally, you can write a better college essay if you are studying something that you care about. Your passion and love of learning should come through in your college essay so that the points you make are expressed in a precise and communicable way. By spending some time going over these tips, you can write a college essay that will really impress your professors.