15 Rules of Motivation for Harvard Students

Today will never come back.” Eight US Presidents, forty nine Nobel Prize winners, David Rockefeller, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates have attended Harvard. It is one of the most prestigious colleges and its students are notorious go-getters who understand that success is gained mostly through hard work.

Here are the 15 Motivation Rules for Harvard Students.

  1. If you sleep now, you will see dreams but they won’t be real. But if you prefer studying to sleeping, your dreams will come true.

  2. When you think it is too late, there’s still time.

  3. Suffering from studying is temporary. Suffering from ignorance is more permanent.

  4. Studying is not about time, it’s about effort.

  5. Life is not for studying alone. But if you can’t even get through this part, you’re going to have more serious problems post-graduation.

  6. Exertion and effort can also be pleasant.

  7. Only those who fulfill everything earlier and put forth great effort can be truly delighted with their success.

  8. To succeed in everything is not for everyone. Success comes only from self-improvement and determination.

  9. Time slips by.

  10. Savoring today will turn into tears tomorrow.

  11. Realists are those who contribute something to the future.

  12. Your salary is directly-proportional to your level of education.

  13. Today will never come back.

  14. Even now your enemies are getting ahead.

  15. Only through hard work will you start earning big.