Recipes & Ideas for On-Campus Cooking

It’s well known that students are extremely busy people and they’re always in shortage of time. For this very reason, we decided to present a list of food recepies which do not take much time, but still remain delicious. The next important point for students is financial side. The food should be cheap enough, on the other hand, the quality has to be high enough, since health is a crucial factor.

The first option is Spaghetti Bolognese. It’s not expensive at all and so simple that you need to spend maximum 20 minutes to cook such a sophisticated dish.

Next come fajitas. All you need is a bowl and a palm of spices and vegetables. To surprise your friends, you can use some special methods of serving with tortillas and cheese.

burger picYou’ll never find a person who’ll reject from a burger. Sometimes, it’s even called the best invention of a mankind. Moreover, as ingredients for it, almost everything you have at the fridge may serve.

If you are really in a hurry, why not to boil eggs? What can be easier? But a funny fact is that almost 14% of new students are not acquainted with this process! So, get ready for a student rush!

Toad in the hole Toad in the hole is another variant of how to refresh yourself quickly but tasty. You only need flavor, eggs and sausages, and here you go: delicious food is at your hands!

For those who are roaring hungry but enormously hasten, there’s jacket potato. You don’t even have to peel it. Throw in the boiling water. Just a little bit of patience. Enjoy yourself!

These were some ways of how not to die of hunger, stay healthy and not to waste much time.