How to Format The Personal Statement Properly

Whenever writing a personal statement for any university application or for a job application, it is really important that you take into account personal statements format so that you can be a contender. You can also include various credentials and do many things. However, what is really vital is that the one that reads your personal statement for college or work sees who you are. Format of personal statement has to be respected.


You have to understand the personal statement requirements and unique rules of colleges. Most of the colleges that you might want to go to will have special requirements for what has to be included in the personal statement for college so stick to guidelines of the school. Determine audience through researching information about the school. Format the personal statement in a strict and professional form in the event that the school is very serious and academic. If the school puts an accent on creativity, you can modify personal statement for college.


Always title the personal statement. It is important that the title will represent you completely as a professional and as a person. Make it to the point and short.

Gathering Information

Gather all the information that you have to include in the format for personal statement. This includes letters of recommendation, resumes, transcripts and all that supports a good presentation. Analyze the material and make a note of interesting experiences and pivotal moments in life. Ask your relatives, teachers and friends about strong points that you might have.


An introduction has to be at the top of your college personal statement format. It has to be attention grabbing. Examples of suitable introductions are descriptions of people that are admired or personal anecdotes. When applying to university, write about those moments when you understood that you want to apply to a particular school or write about the individual that inspired the choice. When referring to job application format for personal statement, it is allowed to write about a person that you admire in the company or in the field.


Few body paragraphs are recommended in the format of personal statement. Every single one needs to be focused on experiences, abilities and skills that are important for the position you currently apply for. The body paragraph has to start with topic sentences and need to include 3 to 4 examples of background. As an example, the first of the body paragraphs can talk about leadership skills. The claim can be substantiated by highlighting that you were chosen as the captain of a football team.

Summing Up

In your personal statements format, sum up everything that highlights strengths in the paragraph used for conclusion. Clearly talk about why you have to be considered for the position. Before you send your university or job application, reread everything so that you are sure that every single important topic was included. A memorable clincher should be the end of the conclusion since this is the final chance to impress your reader.