Prompts for the Admission Essay

College essay admissions workers are very familiar with many different college essay questions, or ‘prompts’ that are used by students applying for college. These workers admit that a lot of essays are poor because they often incite boring, clichéd, run-of-the-mill, conventional writing, while others are better because they show student’s motivation and spark originality, creativity and self-discovery.

College essay writing is never easy, but with a good college essay prompt such brilliance can be sparked within you, and below are some of the best college essay prompts out there.

  1. Why did you do it (Tufts University) – This prompt is great for many reasons, but the best reason is how on earth you would answer it. You can write out a deploring confession that justifies something terrible you have once done, let the admissions officer to see you as a human and not a horrid monster. Or you can write something really positive and self-flattering. The door is wide open with this question and absolutely anything goes.
  2. Select a piece of art — a book, a film, a song, a painting or any other — that has influenced on your view of the world. Discuss its influence on you. (New York University) – This is a fairly conventional question but still a very good one, and especially good for those who want a clear theme to stick to. A useful advice would be to select a piece of art that is relatively unknown, as this in some way shows that you have a good appreciation and depth of knowledge in the artistic subject you are addressing.
  3. Imagine that you have the chance to travel back in time. At what event in history would you like to see and why? (Swarthmore College) – This is such a fun question to answer because there are obviously so many events in history that you choose from. You could go with something obviously dramatic like the sinking of the Titanic, or go with something more subtle. Either way you must make your personal connection to your choice clear, and stick to the why. Sticking to what the question is asking of you is always a good advice.
  4. If you were to develop a Mt. Rushmore of the 20th century, whose faces would you choose and why? (Carleton College) – This question gives you the chance to unveil your influences, your political opinions, your cultural and social ideologies, your role models, your knowledge of history, and to describe what ideas, values and people of the world are most important to you.
  5. Recall a compliment you received that you especially value. Tell about it (Yale University) – Here is the chance to do some writing that walks the line between self-flattery and modesty, giving admission officers a real insight into your emotional character.

You have to be well-prepared to the interview, because conversation face-to-face with admission officer makes it impossible to use any sources, take extra time etc. So, use all you’re the time you have to prepare to the interviewer’s questions, and we can help you with admission essays.