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You are young, and you are just 17-18 years old. You are planning to enter the college or university and already faced the issue of admission essay writing. You are scared because it is a real problem for you to write an excellent essay about yourself. You always were good in writing, but this case is different – all your future depends on this piece of paper. You do have a lot to tell, but not sure what to include, and this choice is complicated. You need help! And if you didn’t manage to find it already, you are at the right place.

How to write college admission essay?

First of all, you may need to see good examples of admission essays written by the students. Try to google various college admission essays competitions and samples to see how it looks. Such collection of essays is also a good source of inspiration. But you never should copy or use someone’s work, because it won’t bring you any good. After you have got enough inspiration, prepare for writing. Good essay about yourself can be written following these steps:

  1. Choose essay topics. It is the most important part of your writing. If you don't choose a great topic, in most cases your essay won’t be interesting.
  2. Brainstorm ideas. Think what you can add to your topic, how to develop an effective college admission essay.
  3. Literature research. If you decided to use some literature, try to choose it carefully.
  4. Statement formulation. Your application must show your opinion that is why it should be loud and original; otherwise you won’t be distinguished from other applications.
  5. Plot development. Try to create a brief outline of your essay. Set up a logical structure for your ideas. Read aloud what you have got and think if it is good enough or needs re-arrangement.
  6. Finally, start writing. Try to create the first draft based on your outline, then the second, third… Read them aloud, underline what you like and dislike. Remove everything seems unnecessary. Have you got the final draft? If, yes, go the next step.
  7. Editing and proofreading. You have done all the work now, and you need to polish your paper: check grammar, spelling, style and other errors before the submission.

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